Entry #1

"Surprise Counter" Finally Complete

2013-05-25 05:18:35 by KhanhCPham

It can be viewed here:

or here on youtube


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2013-07-26 00:19:13

Congrats on Daily 1st! :)

KhanhCPham responds:

Thanks! :)


2013-07-28 04:36:41

wow looking at this vs your first 2 animations you have made HUGE leaps and bounds in both art and animation you really should be proud! i'm betting you remember the moment you learned you can use slim outlines effectively and beautifully :) seriously this is wonderfully marked improvement!

KhanhCPham responds:

Thanks. "Surprise Counter" was originally an animation test but it grew into a bigger project. It was a big ordeal but it was worth it. When I make another project, I should be able to create the animation quicker. :)


2014-03-07 23:05:37

I agree with KyuubiT . Total improvement from you previous posts. Great job ! looks very professional. I'd love any sort of hints on how you did it. Techniques and the program you used. A sort of "making of background"

KhanhCPham responds:

Thanks. Sadly I am really bad with tutorial because I am constantly learning myself. I tend to change a lot of things during production so I dont have a 100% perfect method of creating things. Best I could do is post "work in progresses" so people can get an idea of how I approach things.


2014-03-07 23:47:41

Hell ! That would be lovely. Im new to animation, and fresh to flash. im currently mainly doing frame by frame type of stuff, but im curious to see other methods of animation. Yes! Thank you !


2014-04-19 23:08:07

Great Job man! pls keep them coming


2014-11-17 04:47:49

Please keep making animations v.v I need to learn more..uh i mean....I enjoy your content o.o

KhanhCPham responds:

Thanks. You can check this post below where you can check progress of my latest animation.


2014-11-24 15:05:14

Hey! this is pretty neat. Nice easing and smooth movements. I think I remember seeing a pencil test of this on DeviantART I dunno. Good to see you on Newgrounds though! I'm pretty new to this Newgrounds thing.

KhanhCPham responds:

Thanks. Yes I also lurk around deviantart too. Newgrounds is a pretty good site for movie feedback.